Friday, April 23, 2010

There's this girl

who walks around campus looking ridiculous every day. Bleached blond hair, full face o makeup, short sexay party dress, maybe a shrunken bomber jacket if it's cold, and always, ALWAYS some sort of platformed/rhinestoned/studded/jeweled/caged heels that are three or four inches tall. On a campus where it can be difficult to tell the guys apart from the girls apart from the squirrels, this glamazon sticks out like a glittery sore thumb. So naturally whenever I see her, I'm all like, ":O" and I, along with everyone else in the vicinity, can't help but stare and wonder about what she wears when she goes out at night.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

out of control

Update: I received the order from Amazon yesterday (but not the book one...which is probably more important) and tried on the Sennheisers and oh my god, they are wonderful. I haven't even worn the in-ear ones yet because I cannot take these off. All you real headphone gurus are probably scoffing at this right now and thinking I am a total idiot for raving about a pair of $25 headphones but you have to understand, this is such an upgrade for me from shitty iPod/Palm Pre earbuds. I'm listening to "While You Wait For the Others" right now and it's so glorious.

Side silly: I was so excited yesterday when I got the package, I tore open the annoying plastic casing and immediately put the headphones on and opened up a song in iTunes. But the sound quality was awful and tinny and muted, and I was like, WUT???!?!?!?! for about a minute before I realized I hadn't even plugged the headphones into my computer and was just sitting there with them on my head, listening to music from my computer's shitty speakers.

So I went on Amazon to order a textbook I'd forgotten to buy for my Latin American economic development class. I found a copy for a really good deal, something like five bucks pre-shipping, and was quite pleased with my thrifty thrifty self. Then I realized that while I was on the website, I might as well go ahead and buy a capo for my guitar because I'd been wanting one for a while. 20 minutes of research later, I'd added a well-reviewed black trigger capo to my cart and was all ready to place my order and move on with my life.

BUT NO. I only had to add $11.01 to qualify for free super saver shipping! And then I remembered I didn't have functioning headphones...perfect. Another 20 minutes of research passed, in which time I've added a pair of Sennheiser HD headphones to my cart. You know, the big black ones that look goofy but promise to make every Fleet Foxes song sound like Robin Pecknold is sitting on a stool 3 feet away personally serenading you in an acoustically perfect room yes yes yes. I proceeded to checkout, giddy with the newest addition to my cart. And that was when I glanced at Amazon's suggestions of "things I might like" and noticed these in-ear earphones that suddenly seem a lot more travel/Reg/not-looking-like-a-hipster-douche-appropriate. I added those and deleted the Sennheisers, thinking I was all set, but NO, I didn't qualify for free shipping anymore! I was a few measly dollars short! So, in a fit of frustration, I added the expensive-r headphones back and tried to not look at the total price and clicked "place my order" and X'ed out of that tab and told myself never to return to that website. But at least I got free shipping.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Grizzly grizzly bear

I woke up today and listened to Veckatimest in its entirety before getting out of bed. Isn't that so cliche? Lying under the covers, soaking up a precious little indie band, wondering what kind of day today is going to be.