Friday, September 04, 2009

Law school

Ever since I casually mentioned to my mom that I've been entertaining the idea of attending law school after graduation, my life has been plagued by unrest and misery.

"The median GPA of entering Harvard Law students is between a 3.74 and a 3.91. Do you have that? I don't THINK SO, young lady. Go study!"

"OMG Harvard is only 40k a year! You told me it was 70k! If it's 40k I'll pay for it. But only if it's Harvard. Or Yale. Stanford is okay too. Now go study!"

"You're not getting dinner tonight unless you go study."

I'm exaggerating everything but you get the point - she basically already thinks it's too late for me to go to graduate school because I haven't prepared enough...and the funny thing is, I always ask her "Go study for what??" Then she pauses, huffs, and walks away mumbling more statistics under her breath. I think that by bringing up law school I've rejuvenated "school mode Mom". If I'm not studying for a standardized test at all times then I am wasting my life and am doomed to failure and homelessness.

In all seriousness though, today I started looking up some law schools and it just brought back an all too familiar flood of anxiety and despair. I stupidly thought that after the grueling college process I'd never have to face any of this admissions bullshit anymore. But here I am at square one again, whoring my paycheck out to Kaplan and Princeton Review. And while I'm definitely concerned enough about my future, knowing that there's someone else who is ten times more hopeful and anxious for me to succeed can be kind of painful sometimes.


  1. girl, you're gonna be just fine! you got into a good college, you're smart, and you always prepare well and get everything done well. No need to stress yourself out over something that will work out in the end :)

  2. Don't listen to him Rose, he just wants you to slack off and make the odds better for him.

  3. totally feel ya there with the school mode mom

  4. agreed.

    but rose, you'll do fine, as you always do. :)