Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i can't quit you

hi! just poppin' in to say hello and that i'm not quitting this blog/i have not forgotten about it/i have not died. life has just never been busier and while i sure am enjoying the ride, i have been relatively neglectful of a bunch o stuff, this bloggity blog blog included.

one good/bad (depending on how you look at it!) bit of news i can share is that my roll-off date from this client in calgary is scheduled for april 29th! that would put me at 8 months in calgary. i'm both hoppin' around with ants in my pants, eager to change things up (put me in san francisco, thoughtworks! i'll be your slave forever) and really, really nervous about leaving the people and the places and the memories i've grown to love here in calgary.

five weeks-ish left. i'm determined to make them unforgettable - and to share them here!

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