Monday, August 01, 2011

the cascades

one of the many reasons i love fleet foxes so so so much is because in addition to writing beautiful lyrics, they also happen to make fantastic instrumental music.

one of my favorite tracks from their first album is entitled "heard them stirring". it's got flavors of winter and edward scissorhands and mystery. it's what i imagine what i'd hear if i ever got lost in an ancient magical wintry forest. 

"the cascades", off fleet foxes' second album helplessness blues is also entirely without words or lyrics, but brings to mind a very different flavor. the constant tickling and garbling of the background, with a simple minor melody layered over it, sounds to me like a song for fall harvest and the preparation of a long winter.

i think listening to their new album over and over again combined with the heavy doses of game of thrones i've been snorting has convinced my subconscious to live in denial of modern society/technology and instead to daydream all day of tumbling through the woods barefoot with a harp, strumming songs of olden times and weaving flowers in my hair. 

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