Wednesday, February 29, 2012

rolling off

this week is my last week in texas, and today was my third-to-last day on the project. just one and a half measly little days and i'm saying sayonara to the party here in plano - i've been thinking about this day a lot, but now that it's almost here i can hardly believe it.

leaving is always hard. though plano isn't exactly up there on my list of favorite places to be, it has nevertheless somehow managed to wriggle its way into a tiny spot in my heart. the tex-mex, the longhorns, and the seventy-degree sunshine in february will all be missed. my zumba classes, board game wednesdays, and those damn tasty lamb chops at seasons 52 - i will remember you fondly. but what's by far the hardest to let go of is the attachment i've gained to our project and to our client.

for the better part of this past year, my weekdays were more or less devoted to this project. i feel like certain parts of it - functionalities or epics i've honed in on - have essentially become my babies. and the people, my pseudo-family with whom i've laughed, bickered, triumphed, failed, and ultimately shared a roller-coaster of a project experience - they've grown familiar and important and comfortable to me. to pick up my bags and leave with the knowledge that i will in all probability never be back in our team space is a forlorn feeling. will we ever actualize conceptual items? what about validating colors that change channels? i feel like an impatient architect who has blueprinted a building - obsessed and scrutinized it down to every last detail - but who has only seen a tantalizingly tiny fraction of the masterpiece.

but on the flip side of the coin - for every door that closes, another opens. the next door for me will be in chicago for three and a half-ish months. though i have my trepidations and doubts, i also can't deny that to do something else - new location, new lifestyle, new hours, new people - is terribly exciting and reinvigorating. it's the little things i miss and am so looking forward to. i can't wait to spend a quiet tuesday night reading in my own bedroom. or to cook a meal and bring leftovers for lunch the next day. or to bond with my insane cat all over again. 

i'm a big victim of "grass-is-always-greener" syndrome and i'm sure at some point i will get bitten by the travel bug and swept up in another cross-country bravado. but for now, i'm content. quietly sad to be leaving, and quietly happy for what's next.

so i bid you farewell, texas! you've been good to me. yeehaw!

*gallops off into the sunset and towards the freezing cold*

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