Saturday, February 19, 2011

"I never win anything!"

Yesterday was "Dress Like a Tacky Tourist Day" at our client site. My team made some rather half-hearted attempts at outfit coordination before realizing none of us actually owned loud Hawaiian shirts or gigantic cargo shorts or god-awful Crocs. (Which I think speaks to the classiness of our team. Go team!) We decided to go with just bright colors and summer accessories.

Not pictured: tackiness

Turns out the program-wide response to DLATTD was less lukewarm than we'd originally thought - there was only a handful of tech people who braved the minus 20 degree weather outside and dressed er, down - so by process of elimination we rather puzzledly accepted a prize that we didn't know existed in the first place for a free dinner + drinks at some restaurant that we also didn't know existed in the first place. But hey, no complaints here. I rocked out in Ray Bans and flippie floppies and am getting free food out of it. All in a day's work, eh?

On a tangentially related subject: one thing that bothers me to no end is when winners of anything, no matter how trivial the prize, scream and cry and then inevitably gush, "But like, I never win anything!!!!!!!!" Well...yeah. It is not at all unlikely or remarkable that you've never won anything, because almost nobody ever wins anything (or almost everyone never wins anything). That's the point. If we all won things all the time, all joy of winning would go away. "I never win anything!" is just about as insightful a remark as saying "Wow guys, I never get married!" at your wedding speech or yelling "Can you believe it?? I'm eating a sandwich!!" every time you're eating a sandwich.

In fact, I'd much prefer it if instead of the winner getting up and wasting everyone's time with insipid proclamations of undeserved surprise, everyone who didn't win would stomp their feet and pound their fists and stand up and yell, "God damn it, I never lose anything!" Which I realize makes equally little sense, but would at the very least make for a far more interesting event every time a winner is chosen (or a lot of non-winners aren't).

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