Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm in love with Juda-as, Juda-as.

Me: Hey, I'm going to sleep early. If any of our roommates come back and are really loud, can you please tell them I'm sleeping?

Roommate: I will punch them all in the face and tell them to shut the fuck up.


As of late I have developed yet another unhealthy addiction to a pop song. This time it's Lady GaGa's "Judas". It is indescribably catchy and plagues me day in and day out. Her video is typical GaGa - alien outfits, inexplicable settings, mysterious men, controversial symbolism, too much eyeliner, dancing in scant underwear. At one point she's Mary Magdalene washing a sexy sort-of-black Jesus' feet in a bathtub while Judas pours a beer on her butt.

The shit-wits that peruse and post YouTube comments are all up in arms about GaGa's use of religious symbolism. It appears that a diminutive-brained subset of GaGa's Christian fans have either decided to revoke their liking for her or are in a state of heavy mental confusion, a la "OH MY GOD I LOVE JESUS BUT HER VIDEO USES CHRISTIAN METAPHORS INAPPROPRIATELY WHAT DO I DO NOW????" Fierce, misspelled battles are happening in the comments section as I type. 

You think I am exaggerating. I am not. Here are some comments that I am copying verbatim for your eye-gouging pleasure.

"ur makin fun of the bible not cool gaga !!!"
- Corinnestoddard13

"is this supposed to be a gay pride recreation of like fucking bible stories or some shit" 
- Moodyjake17

"i dont see the big deal. i like the song the vide is alittle nutty but shes not goga for nothing jeez chill bunch of religus freeks it not god ya'll love its ya'll freeking religen. even jesus was agenst it. jeez. sicoz its days like this i regret being a chistion."
- MegaJoemen

"you people realize the illuminati control her, right?"
- Itachi9000ful

"i shud slap her with my bible!!"
- shelz146

"your opinion is faker than a pornstars boobs."
- JD917782908

"Dear, people who are christian just go back and read the bible and listen to the lyric again and be humble do not judge her. Luke 5:31 Jesus said "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." She acknowledges that. Ew!! This song explain how I feel. I love Jesus but I'm still a sinner. Ew!!"
- TalentBabe

I must stop here. If I continue to wade through this sea of idiocy I am going to vomit out my dinner. Good night.

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