Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Come on!

I may have reluctantly scrubbed the last of the henna off my ankles, but my fond memories of TWU, Bangalore, and all the friends I've made in India are far from fading. If anything, they have only grown stronger.

I have been home for a week, and while things are really wonderful here - and I mean that wholeheartedly - I still find that the little everyday things that I associated with ThoughtWorks University keep coming back and opening the bittersweet wound of my experience abroad. The feeling is akin to that of trying to get over an old boyfriend - on one hand, you want to savor in the good old memories and experiences, reliving them over and over again in your mind, but on the other (more practical hand), you realize that time does not stop for you to indulge in silly nothings that will never again happen.

It bothers me that this bothers me.

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