Thursday, August 26, 2010

Digg 4.0 needs to be buried.

People always inevitably bitch about change. Whether it's for the better (Bush --> Obama), for the worse (Sears --> Willis), or for the homeless, change is always greeted by anything from mild skepticism to outright, disdainful rejection. 

Our human tendency to reject change manifests itself in no better place than on the information superhighway known as The Internet. Each time Facebook reformats its layout, the angry masses respond with complaints, opposition groups (ironically, on Facebook itself...), and threats to quit. But come on, who among us has actually closed our Facebook accounts because of a change? Less than a handful, I'm willing to guess. For all our grumbling, we always wind up adapting to the new whatever anyway and within a week the world goes back to normal until YouTube tweaks a feature and gives us a new reason to roar "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!1!1" in slow motion-ed agony.

Over the years, I have become jaded by all of this and have grown somewhat skeptical of skepticism itself. I observe all the outrage from the sideline, roll my eyes, and wander off to find some tasty snacks.

But not this time, no. The snacks will have to wait, because I cannot stand for the new Digg and I am totally grabbing my pitchfork, smearing on my war paint, and jumping - no, catapulting myself upon the bandwagon of hate towards their awful new site.

Things that suck about New Digg:
  • The elimination of the word "bury" for Digging down stories. Come on! Digg was founded upon this whole "digg" vs "bury" notion of rating stories, not this new up and down arrow crap. That's like opening a store called "I sell hotdogs" and then selling fine jewelry inside.
  • I have to click "Load More" to see more than a couple of comments. This is the worst idea in the history of mankind. Digg's comments/community are probably some of the best on the Internet, and are definitely half the reason I have been a loyal user of the site. We Diggers all share a rare love for twisted humor, The Oatmeal, bacon, and sending Justin Bieber to North Korea. Without visibility to its users' comments and feedback, Digg would be no better or different from any of its rivals.
  • Responding to a comment opens up a text box in which the font color you type against a white background is...wait for blue.
  • Threads are automatically expanded. Annyong.
  • When a comment has 0 diggs, its contents are hidden but the thread still displays, "Comment is hidden." These take up a lot of space. Also, when a comment belongs to an owner whose account is deleted, it will say so, which also takes up a lot of space and benefits the reader in no way ever.
  • There is no upcoming stories feature anymore. This one just kills me.
  • The homepage is set to "My News" instead of "Top News". For Lurkers like myself who haven't integrated Digg with Facebook or RSS, having to click to the tab next door every single time is immensely annoying.
I feel cold and empty inside. I'm even contemplating heading over to Reddit to fill this void in my soul. Damn you, Digg. Damn you.

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